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Out Of Memory And Time

A Last Unicorn Icon Contest

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Weekly "The Last Unicorn" Icon Contests
Welcome to Out Of Memory And Time a Last Unicorn Icon Contest Live Journal. Please feel free to stop in and look around or even join, but please read the rules. Thank you.

Our beautiful header, layout, welcome banner and icon were created by our very own sky_castles
  1. Image Challenge: Please use only the image provided.
    Quote Challenge: Please use only the quote provided. Do not add to or edit it in any way (unless otherwise instructed).
    Theme Challenge: You must use an image from the 1982 animated film The Last Unicorn and the icon must somehow emphasize the theme. More detailed instructions my be given within the individual challenge post, so read carefully.
  2. Submissions for each challenge must be new and original icons, created for its respective challenge
  3. You may use brushes, borders, textures, and non-animated effects to make your icon, which brings us to...
  4. Animation is not allowed - stills only, please.
  5. Post your icon as a comment to the designated post for that challenge in both IMG SRC form and URL form. For example:


  6. Do NOT reveal your icon to anyone until after the contest is done.
  7. Do NOT vote for yourself.
  8. Do NOT get your friends to vote for you. You will be removed from the group for violating these last three rules.
  9. All icons should meet LJ's standards: GIF, JPG, and PNG, 40kb and 100x100 or smaller.
  10. You must be a community member to participate. (For voting or submitting so, please join.)
  11. All comments will be screened to retain anonymity.
  12. If you would like to use another user's icon, be sure to
    a. comment,
    b. credit and
    c. do not hotlink the image(s).
  13. Finally, (and most importantly): HAVE FUN!
  • New challenges will be posted every Monday.

  • Reminders will be posted on Wednesdays.

  • Challenges close on Friday at Midnight.

  • Voting will open Friday after midnight.

  • Voting will remain open until Monday at midnight, along with a new challenge.

  • Winners will be put up on Tuesday.

  • *Note* Subject to change, depending on the schedule of the moderator overseeing each individual week. Please read the posts carefully for submission and voting deadlines.
  • Every week, there will be an award given for First, Second and Third places plus a Mod's Choice.

  • Winners will be given banners.

  • Examples of dreamoftomarrow's winners from the first year.

  • *Note* If you would like to be a banner maker please send an E-mail to dreamoftomarrow@gmail.com or leave a comment
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    Happy icon-making and good luck to all of you!
    We would also like to give our thanks to those who have been moderators in the past. Without you, our community would not be where it is today. A Special Thanks to connertiernan, eggdrpsoup and kirin76.